Apple iPad 2.0 rumor roundup

Apple's iPad has been nothing short of a blockbuster success. It created a tablet craze that other manufactures are working feverishly to try and bite into to take a small chunk of the emerging market. Apple's iPad has been so successful that rumors about the sequel are flying around faster than most can follow. We have put together a list based on plausibility on all of the rumors that have landed over the last several months.

Nearly Confirmed:

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Among the half dozen or so rumors that seem most plausible is the one that states the iPad will get a camera. When the first iPad came out, it was quickly torn apart and it was discovered that there was a spot that would fit a camera, so it seems logical that version two will support one. This rumor seems to carry the most weight as Apple is also looking to push its FaceTime platform on as many devices as possible, and by giving the iPad a camera, it's one more area for Apple to hawk its software.


One common complaint about the iPad is that the device is heavy. For the tablet size, holding it for long periods of time can become a burden, which points to the next rumor. Sources have indicated that a redesign is destined for the iPad 2. While it most likely won't be an entire redesign, it will most likely be a bit thinner and will shed some weight from the first generation and update the speaker too. We can see this trend in the first and second iPhone and first and second iPod Touch.


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Also recently rumored was the fact that Apple may release a CDMA version of the iPad. With all of the recent rumors surrounding the iPhone coming to Verizon, it does seem plausible that this may happen. One issue with all the iPad/iPhone CDMA rumors is that sources may get their information crossed. The two devices are similar in nature and it wouldn't be to hard cross paths on which device information may be leaking. Hopefully, the sources were able to distinguish between the two products.

On the Fence:

Also up is the idea that the iPad will receive a new, higher density display, or more likely a "Retina" display. This seems logical but let's take a look at the entire picture. If Apple touts a new design, at least one new camera (possibly two if one is placed on the back of the device) and FaceTime, is tossing a new display in the mix too much for Apple? Typically, Apple will only add a few new features at a time and they traditionally milk out the updates for the platform (see iPhone progression as an example). Also, this would force App developers to develop for another resolution display, which may cause the whispers of "fragmentation" start to appear. The higher resolution display will surface at some time in the future, but for the iPad 2, it's still up in the air.

Not Plausible:

One rumor that surfaced some time back was that the iPad would get a USB port. This seems highly unlikely as Apple does not see the iPad as a PC replacement but more of a compliment to it. For starters, you cant even use the device until it's synced to a PC much less replace your PC with an iPad. The idea of adding ports goes against Apple's minimalist look, and the dock connector is here to stay as Apple has invested heavily in its success.

The iPad is rumored to be announced in January which is right around the corner. With Apple possibly announcing the iPad 2 and a Verizon iPhone in January, it could be a great month for Apple consumers and Apple's bottom line.

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