Apple may find itself the subject of another legal spat with the FBI over terrorist's iPhone

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The Federal Bureau of Investigation is said to be looking into its 'legal and technical options' regarding yet another terrorist's iPhone. During a press conference yesterday, FBI special agent Rich Thorton informed the press that they were in possession of Dahir Adan's iPhone, which was found to be locked.

Adan was responsible for a stabbing incident involving 10 people in Minnesota last month before his rampage was stopped by a police officer shooting and killing him. Now that the police is in possession of his phone, it could provide invaluable information about the incident, including ISIS's alleged involvement in the incident. The Middle Eastern terror group soon claimed responsibility for the incident, although police have suggested that there is no evidence linking the group to the stabbing spree.

All this is more than a little reminiscent of one of the most prolific legal disputes of this past year, where Apple and the FBI fought a highly publicised legal battle over the San Bernardino shooter's iPhone, garnering international coverage and raising concerns over the role of technology and its use as a tool of state surveillance.

While Apple was previously able to stave off the FBI for long enough via legal appeals that the federal agency was able to unlock the phone itself, this case could foreshadow any legal dispute between the two parties.

Editor's note: We removed a paragraph after publication that incorrectly stated that iPhones with iOS 8 or later are the only ones with encryption.

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