Apple may have accidentally leaked the iPhone 6c

leaked iPhone 6C image

After the lack of success with the iPhone 5c, many thought that Apple would stop trying to sell iPhones in the less-than-premium segments. But, if a new image from Apple's own site is accurate, it looks like they are going to try again with an updated low(er) priced phone.

Found within the company's own UK-based iPhone Accessories store, a photo of a colorized iPhone looking like the iPhone 5C was found sitting on a lightning charging cradle. When looking closer, one would notice that the phone was different in one way from the 5C: the home button on the displayed device appeared to have the Touch ID found on the current iPhone 6 & 6 Plus. This photo was quickly replaced with a current iPhone 5C image, but not before site visitors caught on and shared the photo.

The rumor has been that this smaller, budget-minded iPhone is in the works that would not only include Apple's Touch ID, but would sport a 4" screen, dual-LED flash and pack Apple's A7 CPU. This device could potentially be priced well underneath the usual $599 off-contract price for new flagship iPhones.

Apple will likely update the iPhone lineup later this year with "S" versions of the 6/6 Plus, and a new budget smartphone series from Apple could boost iPhone adoption, giving low-end Android and Windows Phone handsets extra competition.

Source: Forbes

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