Apple not US-centric, Jobs tells shareholders

Apple shareholders yesterday re-elected the companys six-member board and voted down a proposal to restrict executive pay. During the companys annual shareholders meeting at its Cupertino headquarters all board members were approved by a majority of 82 per cent of voting shareholders, reports MacCentral. MacCentral is also carrying an excellent report in which it gathers highlights taken during Apple CEO Steve Jobs" 45 minute question and answer session during the shareholders event, which Apple chose not to webcast.

US bias claim denied

One shareholder accused Apple of having a US-centric approach to business – something he denied. "Youre just dead wrong," he said. "Apple ships localized versions of its products at the same time as the US version in most cases. Apple has online stores in many international markets, and a Apple retail store in Tokyo Japan, and plans to open a second in Osaka and in London later this year. "We pay a lot of attention to our international market because it accounts for a large percentage of our sales. I dont know where your conclusion comes from, but its just wrong."

News source: Macworld | UK

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