Apple now accepting iPad app submissions

With Apple's launch of the iPad about two weeks away, the company is gearing up for all the pressure that will be upon them to help ensure the device's success. One big selling point of the company's iPhone OS devices is the App Store, and as of today, they are allowing developers to submit their applications for approval.

An email sent out by Apple this morning asked developers to test their applications using beta 5 of the iPhone OS 3.2 SDK, and submit them to the company before March 27, in order to ensure their place in the store when April 3 rolls around. Apple has endured a lot of criticism over its App Store approval process since the initial launch of the App Store, as some approvals took months just to get some feedback. Recently, these times have been much improved, and there have been very few developers who have had to wait anything longer than a week or so (though a good percentage are seeing approvals in a matter of hours).

Hopefully, we won't see times drop back down to where they were a few months ago, though it's a real possibility with the number of developers that will be submitting iPad apps along with iPhone apps.

If you're an iPhone developer, you'll know where to go to submit your software, but be sure to do so before 5PM on March 27, or you'll miss out. Also be sure to remove anything that Apple doesn't permit from your application, as if it's denied approval, you'll most likely miss out.

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