Apple now lets Windows users sync mobile Safari bookmarks with Chrome and Firefox

The launch of iOS 7 got a ton of attention from the Apple faithful on Wednesday, but the company also managed to sneak in a software product update made for its Windows users as well. The new iCloud Control Panel 3.0 for Windows now adds support for two very popular web browsers, Chrome and Firefox.

The new version of the iCloud Control Panel can now sync any bookmarks that iOS users have on their mobile Safari browser to a Windows PC that have Chrome and/or Firefox installed. In order for this new feature to work, users must also download iCloud Bookmark plug-ins for Chrome and Firefox.The bookmark syncing features was already available for Internet Explorer users but this new addition shows that Apple knows there is more than one popular web browser out there for Windows users.

The 3.0 version of iCloud Control Panel for Windows still lets users sync up their mail, contacts and calendars from their iOS devices to their Windows PCs. It's a nice little program for the many people who have a Windows desktop or laptop but might also own an iPhone or iPad on the side.

Source: Apple via Apple Insider | Image via Apple

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