Apple OS X build for Intel chips - Rumored to be Leaked

Thanks to Gelob for pointing out the story in our BPN.

Word has come from Mac Daily News concerning a possible leak of Apple's upcoming OS X 10.4.1 which notably supports Intel based processing units. However, some are beginning to question if the reports are true – considering Apple announced less than a week ago they are switching from IBM based units to Intel chipsets.

"I estimate that we're down to a matter of hours before Mac OS X 10.4.1 for Intel hardware is available for download on Internet software piracy sites and peer-to-peer piracy networks," reported Mac Daily News on Saturday. They soon updated their article after press time, reporting "A reader who for obvious reasons wishes to remain anonymous just demonstrated to me that the software is, in fact, already available on Internet software piracy sites."

Neowin would like to ask you what your thoughts are. Could a newer version of OS X be ready so soon after an official transition announcement? Or do you think this is a marketing scheme on Apple's behalf to draw even more attention to the recent news? We'd like to hear your thoughts. In the meantime, all we have to base this report on is an article on Mac Daily News. Once we get a hold of more information regarding this issue – maybe even a few screenshots, we'll post them.

Update: It's becoming clear that this story is fake / untrue. A file floating around torrent hubs, suggested to be an x86 build of OS X, which was in fact a large collection of text files.

View: Article at Mac Daily News

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