Apple releases iOS 13.7 beta to developers with app-free Exposure Notification setting

Since iOS 13 was released back in September, it's received a total of 16 updates, six of them being minor updates and 10 of them being for bug fixes. You might have thought that Apple was done with iOS 13, being that iOS 14 is right around the corner. You'd be wrong.

The Cupertino firm is releasing the iOS 13.7 developer beta today, and that will likely be the 17th iOS 13 update, unless there's another one between now and when the update is released. It's meant to improve the Exposure Notification feature that was introduced with iOS 13.5.

Previously, there was only an Exposure Notification API, requiring that it be built into a COVID-19 contact tracing application. Users would have to download the app from the App Store and turn it on. With iOS 13.7, you won't need an app to turn on Exposure Notification at all. You'll be able to simply toggle a switch in Settings.

This feature was already live in the iOS 14 beta. The idea is that it can notify you if you've come into contact with someone that has tested positive for COVID-19, but of course, it only works if you turn it on. Cutting out the requirement for an app is one less step that users have to take.

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