Apple releases iTunes 9.1

Just in time for the launch of the company's new product, the iPad, Apple has launched version 9.1 of its media management software, iTunes. Earlier, it had been rumored that the Audiobooks category would be scrapped in favor of a new 'Books' section (as the iPad features the iBook Store for eBooks), and it seems that those murmurs held true.

As MacRumors reported, iTunes 9.1 features the ability to sync with an iPad, as well as boasting a revamped Books system, complete with support for eBooks and audiobooks, allowing people to keep such material in one central location. In addition, iTunes 9.1 gives users greater control over Genius mixes, with the ability to rename, delete and re-arrange them as they see fit. Expect to see this functionality carry over to the iPad and the iPhone in a future firmware release (though the iPad most likely has it built-in already).

If you're on Mac OS X, head to Software Update to get the newly updated iTunes, otherwise use Apple's updater on Windows. If all else fails, you can always download a fresh copy of iTunes directly from the download page on Apple's website. If you're planning to pick up an iPad over the weekend, this update is essential, so ensure you've got the latest version of the software before you try syncing any new hardware.

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