Apple revs up retail store strategy

Apple Computer is expanding its retail store strategy as it considers new ways to draw Windows users to the Mac, according to sources close to the company's plans.

The Cupertino, Calif.-based company is considering a number of in-store demonstrations to attract potential PC users, the sources said. One strategy under consideration would involve bringing Windows PCs into the stores, where customers could presumably be shown the advantages of Macs.

If the proposal is adopted, PCs from one or more manufacturers would be compared with Macs, the sources said. Apple also plans to run Connectix VirtualPC--emulation software for running Windows on Macs--on store demo units.

This too would be part of the "conversion" strategy, showing potential PC customers that they could continue using current Windows software on their new Macs.

"There's this pervading perception of the Mac as being this alien, niche product," said Technology Business Research analyst Tim Deal.

"If you can actually show PC users it's not as alien, not as different as they might think it is--something the Apple stores already are good at doing--certainly it's going to increase sales."

News source: Cnet

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