Apple rumored to be releasing new iMacs very soon

Another rumor has hit the world of Apple just earlier, bringing some whispers that the company has a refresh of its iMac line all geared up and ready to be released. As usual, AppleInsider has the sources behind the headline, and they believe that the new model of the computer was finalized some time in September.

The machines are said to have been in production for the last two weeks, bringing some aesthetic changes as well as packing some new features. It's expected the new iMac will look more Apple's LED Cinema Display, keeping in line with previous rumors that have said the machine will come with a thinner design. Aside from this, and the usual pricing decrease, Blu-Ray could very well be included with the machines; Apple CEO Steve Jobs infamously described the technology as a "bag of hurt" at a MacBook event a little while back. However, as eagle-eyed iTunes users have pointed out before, the software started giving copyright credit to 'Blu-ray Disc' a little while ago.

Adding fuel to the rumor fire, Apple's corporate and educational sales teams have apparently been offering volume amounts of current-model iMacs at a discounted rate, to help clear out inventory. To aid in getting things sold quicker, the discount offer was said to be only available for a week.

The new iMacs could be available next week, or even as late as mid-October; AppleInsider believes that it's just a matter of Apple's marketing team giving them the green light.

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