Apple starts iPhone 4 case program, free for all owners

In light of the iPhone 4 reception issue that Apple addressed last week, the free case program has opened up as promised. Apple confirmed last week that there was reception issues with the phone when held in a specific way, but isn't limited to just iPhones, but pretty much every phone out there.

To save Apple from recalling over two million iPhone 4 devices, they will instead be giving each and every owner a free case to help solve reception issues. The free bumper or cases is limited to eligibility and availability, and must fall under these certain conditions (PDF):

  • Your iPhone 4 must be purchased before July 23, or 30 days of purchase
  • iPhone 4 owners who purchased before July 23 must apply before August 22, 2010
  • You must purchase your iPhone 4 before September 30
  • You must have an active iTunes or Apple ID to submit a claim
  • Cash, check or gift card purchases must return to the store with their receipt by September 30, 2010

Customers who purchased their bumper or case using a credit card will automatically be refunded, and if you purchased using a gift card through the Apple Online Store, you will be mailed a new gift card for the refund amount.

In order to begin your refund or claim process, download the application through the App Store and select your free case or bumper. Apple will collect specific data including your phone number, model, serial number and IMEI to verify your iPhone 4.


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