Apple sued for Retina Display ghosting

YouTube user berryloui posted the above video of a ghosting issue affecting his MacBook's display. 

A disgruntled Retina MacBook Pro owner has launched a class action lawsuit against Apple for allegedly misleading users about LG panels that suffered from ghosting issues. The suit claims Apple made no effort to distinguish between LG panels and Samsung panels, the latter of which have had far fewer reported issues.

Beau Hodges, the MacBook owner in question, has filed the suit in a Federal court in California. Hodges suggests that Apple should have made the issue more public and allowed customers to choose between models with different displays before purchasing:

The electronics giant must know about the differences between the two versions because it spent a considerable amount of time testing the products during research and development and has been inundated with complaints from customers about the LG screen's problems.

The performance disparity between the LG version and the Samsung version is particularly troubling given that Apple represents the MacBook Pro with retina display as a single, unitary product, described as the highest quality notebook display on the market. None of Apple's advertisements or representations disclose that it produces the computers with display screens that exhibit different levels of performance and quality.

A class action lawsuit, also referred to as "representative action," is a form of lawsuit brought forward by a large group of people sharing a single claim. In this case, many users who have suffered issues with their products will make a shared claim against Apple.

On Apple's forum, a support thread about the issue holds more than 7,000 posts across 500 pages.

Source: Law360 via MacRumors | Image via Wikimedia

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