Apple sued over free iOS games with in-app purchases

Phoenix, Pennsylvania resident Garen Meguerian has filed a class-action lawsuit with the U.S. District Court in the Northern District of California against Apple this week on behalf of himself and other parents and/or guardians he alleges have acquired credit card charges unwittingly. The issue, in regards to the lawsuit, is with free iPhone and iPad games that have in-app purchases; he claims that these in-app purchases makes it easy for children to think they are paying for something in-game when in reality they are spending actual money.

AppleInsider is reporting that Meguerian allowed his two daughters, ages 9 and 12, to download free games from the App Store like Zombie Cafe and Treasure Story. But he had no idea that the games he let his daughters download included virtual currency that could be purchased with actual money via credit card. He says that the in-app purchases in the games his daughter downloaded cost him about $200.

Though Apple has mandated that users input their password before authorizing any in-app purchases, Meguerian argues that the password is the same as the password used for Apple purchases and minors who know it can proceed with a purchase without needing to ask their parents. He says that this has allowed Apple to "pocket millions of dollars" through games such as Bakery Story, Cake MakerSmurfs' Village, Tap Fish, and Tap Zoo, among others.

The suit seeks damages and attorney's fees for Meguerian and others that are participating in the class-action lawsuit.

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