Apple tablet game announcements already being made

Even though Apple's tablet device is still nothing more than a rumor, that isn't stopping developers from gaining some press. A company called Stand Alone Inc. earlier announced that their popular iPhone game, Crosswords, is currently being converted for the new device so it can meet the launch.

According to Kotaku, the CEO of Stand Alone Inc., Bob Gottlieb, stated, "We have been anticipating the Apple tablet as the greatest piece of hardware for app developers since the iPhone itself. Crosswords will be even better on the new device." It's unclear as to whether or not the company has actual confirmation (or, better yet, an SDK), or if they're just acting on speculation like many have been doing so far.

A press release from Stand Alone Inc. stated, "The Tablet version of Crosswords should keep the core functionality of the original, but optimize the user interface to be more reminiscent of its newspaper roots. Users will still be able to use the integrated hint and look up systems, import or download new daily puzzles, enjoy the expanding catalogue of free puzzles, and enjoy in-app support for premium subscriptions to puzzles such as the New York Times. 'The goal,' says Gottlieb, 'is to utilize the larger screen, but keep both functionality and the sleek, intuitive, custom design that our users love.'" 

If the company does indeed have the software from Apple to do such a thing in advance, you can expect the software and hardware giant to be fairly unimpressed with the early press release. Apple is known to go to great lengths to avoid having products leaked early, and whilst this is far from that situation, it certainly doesn't help.

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