Apple to announce its plan for its huge cash horde Monday

For a long time, Apple has been generating a ton of revenue thanks to its sales success of its various products, including the iPhone, iPad, iPods and Mac hardware products. As a result, the company has also been saving up its cash balance as well. In its last quarterly financial report in January, Apple said that its current cash balance is at $97 billion. It's more than possible that the company's cash horde is over $100 billion at this point.

Many analysts and shareholders of Apple have been wondering what, if anything, the company plans to do with all of that Scrooge McDuck cash. On Monday morning, we should get at least part of an answer. In an unusual move, Apple will hold a financial conference call that is outside its normal quarterly timeline on Monday morning at 9 am Eastern time.

The conference call will have Apple CEO Tim Cook and the company's CFO Peter Oppenheimer in attendance. According to Apple's press release, the subject of the conference call will be "to announce the outcome of the Company’s discussions concerning its cash balance." The press release makes it very clear that only the cash balance subject will be under discussion; no other topics will be addressed on Monday morning.

There are several things that Apple could do with its cash balance. It could buy back some of its stock or it could offer a dividend to the company's current stock holders. Apple could also make one or more major acquisitions or spend it on itself to expand its own efforts. With that amount of money on hand, Apple could possibly do all those things.

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