Apple to offer discounts of up to 15% on Black Friday

While Apple is remaining tight-lipped on what we can expect from their stores on Black Friday, one analyst is predicting consumers will see discounts of up to 15%. According to Kaufman Bros analyst Shaw Wu, Apple's Black Friday sale will be more aggressive than usual.

Apple products are traditionally more expensive than their non-apple counterparts and price reductions are not commonplace for the tech giant.

In past years, Apple has offered Black Friday discounts between 5 and 10%. If Wu's prediction is correct, consumers will be seeing a reduced price on the iPod, iMac, and MacBooks. However, Wu is skeptical as to whether or not the iPhone will be subject to the Black Friday discounts.

Best Buy is currently offering up to $150 off MacBook purchases and if Apple adopts a price-matching philosophy or the prediction of 15% proves to be correct, consumers will see a nice reduction in what is considered the 'Apple Tax', a premium for purchasing Apple products over their competitors.

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