Apple to offer refunds for new iPad owners in Australia

A controversy over the definition of 4G has proven to be a bit costly for Apple. A few days ago, the new iPad went on sale in Australia with the claim that it had 4G speeds. The problem? The current version of the new iPad cannot actually connect to the only 4G wireless network in that country because the network operates on a frequency of 1800MHz. The new iPad's LTE 4G hardware works on frequencies of 700MHz and 2100MHz.

Now reports that Apple has offered in the country's Federal Court to email all of the Australian new iPad owners and offer them a refund if they felt they were in any way misled by the claims of the 4G support. The company has also told the court they plan to change their advertising to state that while the new iPad does indeed have 4G hardware, it is currently unable to connect to Australia's 4G networks.

This issue came to light a few days ago when the regulatory body the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission filed a complaint in the country's court that Apple's claims of 4G connectivity for the new iPad were incorrect. Apple still insists that there was no intention to mislead new iPad owners over the 4G claims, according to the BBC.

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