Apple wants Galaxy S III, Note and Note 10.1 banned in the US

Apple may have won its recent court case against technology giant, Samsung, but that doesn’t mean it’s done trying to sabotage sales of Samsung products in the US. The lawsuit found Samsung to be guilty of patent infringement and as a result Samsung had to pay Apple over a billion dollars, but the fight seems to be far from over.

We learned previously of the eight devices which could be banned in the US in the near future, but Apple is now targeting Samsung’s super-phone, the Galaxy S III, as well as the Galaxy Note and Galaxy Note 10.1 devices.

Apple has accused Samsung of "continuing to release new infringing products [since Apple originally filed the lawsuit] including its current flagship device, the Galaxy S III". As it seeks to get sales of these products banned, it has cited four specific patents that it believes have been infringed, including those covering universal search, word completion and slide-to-unlock.

However, just because Apple wants to get these devices banned in the US, it doesn’t mean it’ll necessarily happen, but sales of these devices could potentially be suspended until a ruling is finalized.

How do you think Apple is handling the situation? Let us know your thoughts below.

Source: Apple Insider

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