Apple's 2020 iPhones to reportedly include 3D cameras on the back

We're still months and months away from this year's iPhones, but rumors are already starting to come up about next year's models. According to a new report from Bloomberg, the 2020 iPhones will include 3D cameras on the back.

This is somewhat similar to what Apple already does with its front cameras, although the rear camera will use a laser setup instead of dot projections, so it will work over a longer distance. According to the report, it will work up to 15 feet, rather than the 0.8-1.6 feet (25-50 centimeters) that the current sensors do.

The idea is a push for augmented reality, or improvements for Apple's ARKit. The idea is that if the device can scan the space around you, it can do a better job of placing objects on top of that space. Bloomberg also speculates that this technology could also be used for an AR headset in 2020.

The report also talked about this year's iPhones, confirming rumors that some models, at least the successor to the iPhone Xs Max, will include a triple-lens camera. The third lens will be used for wide-angle shots, so it's pretty much the same thing that Huawei is using with the Mate 20 Pro and LG is using with the V40 ThinQ.

This year's model will look the same as the X series from the past two years, with an improved Face ID sensor. Bloomberg says that the bigger design changes are coming in 2020 due to the antenna redesign that will be necessary for 5G.

And finally, iOS 13 will likely include a dark mode, improvements to CarPlay, a new home screen for iPad, and improvements to file management. Naturally, we'll find out more about that at WWDC in June.

Source: Bloomberg

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