Apple's ambitious plans for the next iPhone have it tinkering with designs down to the wire

Over the past few years, the surge of Apple-related leaks and rumors has continued to grow, seemingly arriving much sooner than the year prior, while giving us a better sneak peek at what might arrive during its biannual events. While the flow of information usually seems to follow some kind of trend, this year has been quite different, with the iPhone still being a bit of a mystery.

Although we have seen different versions of the smartphone over the past couple months, it seems like the firm is still struggling with the placement of the fingerprint sensor. When Apple decided to go with an OLED panel for its display, it also decided to eliminate the thick bezels, one of which housed the iconic home button with Touch ID. The biometric feature has become an important feature on its handsets, even being one of the cornerstones of Apple Pay.

While the ideal scenario would be to have it embedded under the display, it seems like the firm has still not managed to master the technology. This has led many to believe that it will most likely go with another solution like facial recognition or relocating the fingerprint sensor to the rear or maybe even the power button.

According to a new report, Apple has just weeks to figure out the embedded sensor under the display if it wants it to appear on the upcoming device. By solving the problem in the weeks to come, this would allow it to submit its order for the required sensor chip, so it can be utilized for the next iPhone. But, once August passes, this is when they run the risk of having delays or shortages of the handset, leading to consumer disappointment. Although 3D facial recognition has been talked about in high regard, it will most likely be a tough hurdle to clear trying to convince consumers and more importantly merchants and banking institutions, that it is tested and secure.

Hopefully, we will only have to wait a few more weeks before we hear more about an embedded Touch ID sensor and whether Apple has succeeded in its efforts.

Source: Barron's via MacRumors | Image via Apple

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