Apple's iPhone takes the place as the top camera on flickr

Apples iPhone may not be the best quality photo-taking device on the planet, but it sure is handy; its possible to upload photos to flickr just by sending the image to a certain email address, and otherwise, you can even use Apples own iPhoto software to do the trick. Perhaps its the convenience, or perhaps its the amount of iPhones that have been sold so far, but either way, the iPhone now has the spot of top camera on flickr, a website dedicated to storing and sharing photos.

The stats count all three of the iPhone models that have been released to date, though its still quite impressive; it overtook the Canon Rebel XTi to take number one, although it has had the number two spot for quite some time. It appears that it was the launch of the 3GS that pushed it to the top, though apparently, this isnt actually the first time its made it there. At one point earlier, the iPhone did have the top spot, but then that seemed to have disappeared altogether after a few hours. Flickr spokeswoman Lucy Chung said to the LA Times, "The graph in Camera Finder updates at every moment so theres no specific reasoning behind the changes. One can assume though that with the recent iPhone 3GS launch, the iPhone now includes two models whereas other manufacturers separate out their models, which could explain the inflated numbers."

The iPhone does have a rather unfair advantage when compared to other cellphones, however; as mentioned, all three models count as one statistic, and all other cellphone models are their own entities. Additionally, some people seem to be rather unimpressed with this news. As said here on Twitter, flickr has always been a great place for quality over quantity... with the iPhone taking the top spot, it seems that this has been degraded somewhat. Yes, theres still a vast amount of great photos and great cameras there, but Apples device is still at number one.

If you own an iPhone, do you use it to upload images to flickr?

Update: It seems that the sudden jump in iPhone users has again decreased, as it did previously, leaving Apples device in the second spot once more.

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