Apple's new iPhone 4S-Siri TV ad helps Santa Claus

If you think the Siri voice recognition feature that's part of Apple's iPhone 4S is the greatest thing since sliced bread, you are not alone. In a new TV commercial for the iPhone 4S, Santa Claus has apparently replaced his normal way of doing things simply by using's Siri's features to handle tasks.

You would think that after all this time, Santa would know exactly how to get to every children's house in the world. The new TV ad (which doesn't even mention the iPhone 4s by name at all) has Santa asking for directions to a particular kid's house. He also uses it to find out what the weather is like in other cities. At the end, Siri is used to check up on all of his appointments for Christmas Eve.

It's supposed to be a cute holiday ad, but the truth is that the commercial makes it look like Santa couldn't get around on Christmas Eve without Siri. Seriously, this is Santa we are talking about. He's been doing this gig of giving presents to kids around the world for, well, at least hundreds of years. The idea that he now needs Siri to do his job for him is kind of ridiculous.

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