Apple's online store is down, new iMacs inbound? [Update]

Apple, like any personal computer vendor, like to refresh their range every six to twelve months. Generally an iMac with a higher spec will arrive every year. Sometimes the design changes, a lot of the time it doesn’t, but one thing is known, their store goes down briefly when the new models are about to hit.

And this could be the case at the moment.

While the world is eagerly awaiting the next iPhone – probably around September/October time – there are rumours that the next line of iMacs will house Apple’s much loved Retina Display. Is this what we’re about to see going live?

Maybe, maybe not. But routine maintenance wouldn’t take the entire store down for such a lengthy period. It’s been a couple of hours since the “We’ll be right back” went live (at the time of writing).

With an event usually held in the closing days of September revealing the iPhone, iPad, iMacs and MacBooks, Apple could be surprising us all with a hardware refresh outside of an event announcement. Although somehow we doubt they’d be that unpredictable.

Update: Apple has launched a new entry-level iMac, starting at just $1,099. Find out more here

Source: Apple

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