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Apple's walled garden cracks, fake Camera+ app found

One of the rallying arguments for supporting Apple's "walled garden" approach is that it's safer for consumers because the apps that are in the store are verified by Apple before being published. Android, on the other hand, is more vulnerable and thus considered less safe due to the open nature of the platform. It appears, according to Photozz, that Apple has some kinks in their armor after a company named "Pursuit Special" released an app called Camera+, trying to cash in on the popularity of taptaptap's tool of the same name.

The description in the app store states, "Camera+ a new universal app from 'Pursuit Special', which is described as 'THE MOST AMAZING CAMERA+ VERSION YET.'" The company is clearly trying to profit off of the successful Camera+ app by trying to mislead users into thinking this is the version to purchase when in fact, it is not. The contents of the app are unclear, but it's probably safe to say that this is simply a social engineering attack to make money off of app purchases and not a form of malware on the iPhone.

Regardless, it makes you wonder what Apple's review process actually consists of if an app like this is able to make it into the marketplace. Could this be the start of a break in Apple's defenses? Or is this a simple one-off and is nothing to worry about?

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