Apple's wireless charging accessory for the iPhone could arrive late

There has been a lot of rumors in regards to the upcoming iPhones. While the design of the device can be debated, what has been fairly consistent in many of the leaks that have appeared is the inclusion of waterproofing and wireless charging. These two features will be huge, considering that its main competition, Samsung, has offered these same features on its handsets for quite some time. Now, we have a bit of news regarding the wireless charging accessory that will no doubt be offered by Apple at some point.

John Gruber of Daring Fireball has chimed in, stating that the wireless inductive charger will be sold separately and could be coming later than the handsets themselves. Now, the first part doesn't come as a complete surprise, most manufacturers will include a standard cable for charging and leave it up to the customer as to whether they want to purchase the wireless accessory to gain the added perk of being able to charge their device simply by just plopping it on a charging pad.

Although there isn't a date for Apple's next iPhone, it is expected to arrive sometime later this year. There is speculation that the firm will release three different models, with two of those being replacements for the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus, and the third being a special anniversary model that will offer higher end materials and more features.

Source: John Gruber (Twitter) via 9to5Mac | Image via Apple

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