April Fools

Well, as reported earlier on neowin, Bill Gates was fooled by a group of comedic canadians (!!!). Well, you can now get the whole story here.

Music: Bill Gates Interview

MONTREAL (CP) -- Microsoft chairman Bill Gates is probably used to people complaining about his windows operating system. At least, he didn't hang up when a radio show host posing as Prime Minister of Canada Jean Chrétien cursed at his frozen computer during a prank call.

Marc-Antoine Audette, who along with fellow host Sebastien Trudel spent a month getting through to Gates, was pretending to set up a time in his computer agenda for him and Gates to meet when the machine supposedly malfunctioned.

"Damn computers," Audette said in Chrétien's voice. "Who's the idiot that invented Windows 95?" Windows is Microsoft's main product.

Trudel said later: "There was silence but Bill Gates didn't hang up."

Continuing the gag, Audettet also suggested when Gates cam to Canada they meet at one of his "favorite places" which was in fact a Montreal strip club.

Trudel, who with Audette has tricked pop diva Celine Dion, race car driver Jaques Villeneuve and Premier Bernard Landry, said Gates was the toughest hoax to set up. It took them a month to get through to him to invite him to a phoney economic summit which he showed little interest in attending.

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