Are you ready for the next Major Desktop Migration?

64-bit computing is coming faster in the world of desktop PCs. Intel, AMD and Microsoft are leading the way and this time around it (unlike some years ago when a home dedicated computer system running Windows on 64-bit Alpha processor has failed) seems that nobody can't stop the migration to 64-bit systems for home use.

The 64-bit computing is embraced by the computing industry like it is about a new Mecca and the news about some new processors, applications and operating systems which can take advantages of this feature are coming everyday from all around the world.

OK, the 64-bit is a big step ahead, but what about the final users? Will they really benefit from this new technology or is just another marketing boom meant to sell some more million units from a new generation of computers, at new prices? Is the 64-bit computing really a necessity for the user for which the main purpose of PC is surfing on the Net and processing Word documents? Before answering to all this questions and many others, let's first take a long at the recent history of the 64 bits computing.

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