ARM: Windows RT will improve as ARM does

So far, Microsoft's own Surface RT tablet has been one of the few Windows RT devices released.

The ARM version of Windows hasn't been as commercially successful as its x86 counterpart, but the CEO of ARM said in a recent interview that Windows RT will improve as ARM processors also continue to improve.

In an interview with PCWorld, Warren East, chief executive of ARM, admitted there hasn't been the consumer demand some expected for Windows RT tablets, but noted Windows RT will only get better.

"I'm well aware there is a perceived wisdom that RT hasn't been as successful as lots of people thought it was going be," he told PCWorld at Mobile World Congress. "Quite certainly I'm sanguine about it."

One of the issues, East admitted, was the fact that ARM processors are only 32-bit currently, whereas an increasing percentage of x86 products use the 64-bit version of Windows. That will change next year, however, when the first processors featuring a 64-bit version of the ARM architecture are scheduled to be released. 

East said Microsoft is well aware of the disconnect but noted it's planning for the future.

"Companies like Microsoft, everybody in the technology space, when they look at ... ARM in the future are thinking about 64-bit," he said.

So far, few Windows RT products have been released beyond Microsoft's own Surface RT tablet. That's not expected to change anytime soon, as Microsoft representatives have said no new Windows RT products will be released this spring. Samsung has decided not to launch its Windows RT-based ATIV Tab in the U.S., although Acer representatives recently said the company will launch a Windows RT device sometime this year.

One of the major advantages of devices with ARM processors is typically their low cost. So far, however, many Windows RT products have featured similar prices to their Windows 8 counterparts.

Source: PCWorld | Image via Microsoft

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