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Army data cops prepare for Iraq trials

Evidence gathered from computer systems to be used in war crime cases

Forensic technology enlisted by the British Army to fight global terrorism could help find war criminals in the wake of the war in Iraq.

The army has invested £100,000 in mobile custom-built forensic technology supplied by Ibas, a computer forensics and data recovery company, to identify, capture and analyse data on computer equipment during and since the Iraq war.

It may also have identified companies that ignored UN rules on sanctions.

"Forensic technology is used in the workplace to counter industrial espionage and fraud, but we needed it as a weapon to investigate potential war crimes," Major John Pringle told vnunet.com.

Pringle was part of a specialist unit from the British Army's Land Information Assurance Group, (LIAG), part of the Territorial Army, which was sent to Iraq earlier this year.

News source: vnunet.com

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