Assassin's Creed Odyssey Xbox One X enhancements get detailed

Ubisoft's 2018 entry to the Assassin's Creed franchise arrives tomorrow, and Microsoft has decided this is the time to reveal what enhancements will its powerful Xbox One X will have over other consoles. The details come through an interview of Ubisoft Quebec senior producer Marc-Alexis Cote which was posted on Xbox Wire today.

As per Cote, Assassin's Creed Odyssey will be using the additional power of Microsoft's latest console to "achieve a better visual experience" and deliver "content at a higher level of detail" in basically all areas.

Going into more detail, crowds will be denser on the device compared to other console versions, depth of field effects seen in dialogue sequences will also be more pronounced, while higher resolution textures will be visible in an area further around the player. The game will, of course, be running at 4K resolution and offers HDR support as well.

Cote explained that the Xbox One X's massive ram pool (12GB of DDR5 memory) was the key to pushing the level of detail further, saying:

"In the case of the Xbox One X, there is a lot of RAM that is available and it allows us to do more, even though the game is running in 4K. So getting the best of that extra RAM is how we maximize our possibilities on Xbox One X."

Assassin's Creed Odyssey is slated to be launched tomorrow, October 5 on the Xbox One family of consoles, PC, and PlayStation 4. Google's Chrome browser may also be an official platform for the title at some point, with the company testing a new game streaming service in partnership with Ubisoft.

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