Asus Windows 8 video ads put spotlight on work

We've already reported on Asus's many products that are being made especially for Windows 8 (or in the case of the Vivo Tab RT, for Windows RT). Today, Asus started its ad campaign for its Windows 8 models, and they all share a common theme of making these products an essential part of a person's work.

The six one minute ads, all posted on the company's YouTube channel, focus on one specific PC device each. For example, in the ad shown above, a wine maker shows how the dual screen of the Asus Taichi helps him sell his product to distributors by clicking on the feature that turns on the screen on top of the lid to show his clients what he has been working on.

Another video ad, this time for the Vivo Tab RT, claims that the device can free up a struggling screenwriter to be more creative thanks to features like its long battery life (with the optional keyboard dock) and more (yes, it's a little unlikely).

If you want a video that has some more substance, Asus has also posted up a long eight minute clip that has interviews with team members that helped to create the PCs such as the Taichi. The video says that Asus went through a large number of prototypes and mockups in order to come up with the final design of the dual screen Taichi.

The video also shows off the Transformer Book notebook-tablet hybrid, the VivoBook series of Ulltrabooks with touch screens and the VivoTab Smart tablet that is shown with an optional cover that can connect magnetically to the tablet, much like the Surface's Touch Cover. While Asus' model isn't a keyboard, it can serve as a kickstand for the VivoTab Smart.

All of these products should go on sale on Friday, the same day as the Windows 8 launch.

Source: Asus on YouTube

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