AT&T drives elderly man to attempt murder

Continually dissatisfied with the level of service provided at a New York Mills AT&T store, Abraham Dickan, of Utica, NY, chose to provide his own brand of "customer service" to 6 employees; reports WKTV of Utica, New York. Creating a hitlist carried in his pocket, the 79 year old entered the mobile store with intent to kill.

With a .357 magnum and no prior criminal record, Dickan located and shot Seth Turk, one of the employees on his list. Before he was able to ascertain the whereabouts of the other five employees, an off duty Rome police officer shot and killed Dickan on the spot. Employees mentioned that this was not the first time that they had encountered Dickan, and that he had previously entered the store brandishing a handgun. However, the revolver used in the attempted murder was not the same handgun used previously. Dickan's firearm permit had been revoked due to the previous incident. Although "banned" from the store, Dickan was not legally bound by a court-order of protection and thus no record of the previous altercations -- other than the permit revocation -- was on file. The list found in Dickan's pocket reaffirmed his anger towards the listed employees, along with his intent to kill.

Authorities are questioning Dickan's mental state and are awaiting stabilization of Seth Turk for questioning regarding possible conversation before the altercation.

AT&T has been continually criticised for dropped calls and poor service, particularly for iPhone customers in big cities like Las Vegas and New York. AT&T's claims that their wireless data covers 303 million people in the U.S. In January the carrier confirmed it had completed a nationwide upgrade of its 3G service in the U.S. Despite continued service criticisms, AT&T was recently ranked #1 in PCWorld's 3G test.

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