AT&T Vies for VoIP

AT&T is announcing a number of voice over Internet Protocol initiatives, such as a program to develop common standards for the technology and an expansion of its international VoIP remote worker pilot project. But as the company tries to draw more users to VoIP, its own research shows that concerns about the quality of service continue to dog the market as a whole.

"We are trying to answer some of the questions as to 'so what?', accelerate what can be brought in from the future, and bring forward initiatives that can be wrapped around VoIP," said Jeff Ace, vice president for global business development at AT&T, in a press briefing in London. With its traditional long-distance business under increasing competitive pressure, Ace readily conceded AT&T sees Internet calling and its associated products and services as the way for the company to open doors to new markets.

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News source: PCWorld

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