Atari selling new game via peer-2-peer software Kazaa

Besides all the negative news around peer-2-peer software Kazaa there is also some positive news. Game maker Atari is going to sell their latest RPG game, entitled "The Temple of Elemental Evil," via the Kazaa software. People can download the demo (843MB) via the online file sharing network after which the game will be playable for free for six hours. After this time period the user can unlock the full game for US $ 49.95:

The Temple of Elemental Evil ™ is a turn based RPG based on the beloved classic D&D module set in the land of Greyhawk. Like the Baldur's Gate series on which it is party based, it is developed by Troika games - award winning developer of the highly acclaimed and award winning Arcanum series and Fallout. Temple of Elemental Evil is the first PC game to utilize the new 3.5 Edition D&D Rules and is set in a place considered to be a classic to all that have spent time in the D&D universe, the land of Greyhawk.

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News source: CD Freaks

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