Athlon 64, Opteron memory controller has to evolve

AT AN AMD Dresden event we learnt some new facts about the memory controller of its upcoming CPU --- whether it's called a Clawhammer (Athlon 64) or the so called Sledgehammer, oddly entitled the Opteron by some crazies in California.

As AMD disclosed some time ago, the memory controller in Hammer will be PC2100 also known as PC 266 or PC 2700, also known as DDR 333 capable -- so you will not benefit a great deal, if at all, by using the "new" DDR 400 or PC 3200. At least not for a year or so. Certainly not now. The memory standard body – JEDEC -- seems to agree with the manufacturers pressures that DDR 400 should become the new memory standard.

But AMD can not change its current CPU memory controller that easily. We learned today, here in Dresden, that AMD is evaluating a new memory type that will, or may be about to become, a standard of the future, such as DDR I 400, DDR II 400 and DDR 533. Or whatever. As DDR I 400 is already a sort of a standard, AMD considered adding support for that but it has still not decided on its course of action, we can report.

Hammers are still to be shipped in the next two months, we heard at the conference, meaning that any changes are just completely impossible without causing further delays to this Hammer CPU thing.

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