ATI Catalyst 10.6

AMD released version 10.6 of their ATI video card driver package.

What's new:

  • GPU acceleration of H.264 video content using Adobe® Flash Player 10.1
  • Video De-blocking support
  • Mosquito noise reduction
  • Official support for OpenGL 4.0 and OpenGL 3.3

Resolved Issues for the Windows 7 Operating System:

  • "The Chronicles of Riddick 2: Assault on Dark Athena" no longer displays white pixel corruption on walls while playing the "Pitch Black" stage with Super Anti-Alias and in-game Anti-Alias enabled
  • Corruption no longer visible during "Bioshock 2" gameplay in DirectX 9 and DirectX 10 mode with CrossFire™ enabled
  • Booting the operating system without displays connected no longer causes CrossFire™ to become disabled
  • Grass and crops are no longer rendered randomly at unusual locations in "Battlefield 2: Bad Company" game scenes
  • Blank/static display no longer observed after loading a game in "TimeShift" with Super Anti-Alias and CrossFire™ enabled
  • Enabling Tessellation no longer causes "Unigine Heaven 2.1" to stop functioning
  • Graphical settings can now be adjusted to higher values in "Grand Theft Auto 4: Episodes from Liberty City" with Crossfire™ enabled
  • Under Multi-GPU configuration with Crossfire™ enabled, setting both "Shaders Quality" and "Post-Processing Quality" to "Enthusiast" no longer causes frame rate drops in "Crysis Warhead" DirectX 9 game

 View: Release notes
 Download: ATI Catalyst 10.6 driver


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