ATI Catalyst 11.1

AMD released version 11.1 of their ATI video card driver package.

The AMD Catalyst™ software suite 11.1 contains the following:

  • AMD display driver version 8.812
  • HydraVision™ for Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7
  • Southbridge/IXP Driver
  • AMD Catalyst Control Center version 8.812

Resolved Issues for the Windows 7 Operating System:

  • Aliens vs. Predator game no longer fails to load with quad Crossfire enabled..
  • Text is no longer missing randomly in Nostradamus- The Last Prophecy demo.
  • Graphical corruption is no longer seen occasionally in Nostradamus- The Last Prophecy demo.
  • The Protoss Pylon Matrix is now rendered correctly in Starcraft 2.
  • Task switching in Dirt2 with Vsync enabled no longer causes a dual link monitor to go black.
  • System no longer crashes when enabling Crossfire with 2 monitors connected to the primary card and 2 monitors connected to the secondary card.
  • List of supported TV resolutions now includes 1080p 24Hz (if supported by the TV display).
  • Cyberlink PowerDVD no longer randomly exits when playing a blu-ray title with the “Aero-on” option enabled in the player.
  • An error message is no longer intermittently displayed when viewing a slideshow using Windows Live Photo Gallery.
  • Windows Media Player no longer displays a black screen when continuously playing several VC1 format files over a 4 hour period.
  • “Host Application not responding” error message is no longer randomly displayed when launching the AMD Catalyst™ Control Center

 View: Release notes
 Download: ATI Catalyst 11.1 driver

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