ATI Radeon 8500 Q&A

Thanks to our affiliate Warp2search for the heads up on this one. Our good friend Humus (Emil Persson) of Raid-on tweaker fame sent off a few questions to ATi's developer relations people asking a few common questions about the Radeon 8500. He received and excellent response and we at Rage3D would like to share that information with you. Without further ado, here some very good information on the soon to be released Radeon 8500.

heres a snip:

H: The implementation of 3d textures on the Radeon was sort of non-ortogonal in the way that a 3d texture would take up two texturing units. This was a little annoying and severely limited the usefulness of 3d textures. Has this changed with Radeon 8500?

JR: 3D Textures - Yes, the Radeon 8500 has fully orthogonal 3D Textures this time meaning you can have up to 6 3D Textures in use at one time.

View: The full ATI 8500 Q&A here

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