ATI RADEON™ 9700 Real-Time Demos & Screensavers

ATI have released RADEON™ 9700 Real-Time Demos & Screensavers. These demos all require Microsoft DirectX9.0 and CATALYST 3.0 Display Drivers in order to run.



    A real-time version of "Pipe Dream" from Animusic's DVD entited ANIMUSIC - A Computer Animation Video Album.


    DirectX 9 pixel shaders are used to simulate the light reflection and refraction of 2 tone car paint.


    A realistic demonstration of fur-rendering in a typical application. This demo shows a number of techniques for rendering fur not seen before.

    Rendering With Natural Light

    A real-time implementation of Paul Debevec's 1998 Siggraph paper.


    An animated version of the Radeon 9700 logo, this screensaver accurately reproduces the brushed metal and other shaders used in the original.


    Inspired by a recent cover on Scientific American, this screensaver simulates the appearance of bacteria when viewed through a microscope. Image post processing using pixel shaders is used to simulate camera depth-of-field, adding to the realism of the images


    This familiar image has been brought up to date in this animated 3D screensaver. Seven animated ants march endlessly around a moebius strip.

Download: RADEON 9700 Real-Time Demos & Screensavers

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