ATI Response to Doom 3 Benchmarks

One of Team Radeon staffs contacted ATI to inquiry about the highly debated Doom 3 benchmarks that were recently released, here is what was asked:

"I'm just emailing you because I have alot of confused gamers from both Team Radeon and x-3Dfx about what's really happening in Doom3. What they've been presented paints a relatively poor picture on the x800 Pro and x800 XT PE prompting many fellow gamers (about 400 on Team Radeon and 300 or so on x-3Dfx) to question wether or not they should cancel there pre-orders."

ATI response:

"Hi Richard - this is a non issue - Doom 3 isn't even available yet, and we all know that some of our competitors use partial precision where possible. We expect to have updated drivers available in the coming weeks."

News source: Team Radeon

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