ATI's SLI brand to be called Multi Rendering

The Inquirer got a few extra details about ATI's secret SLI programme. The Canadian based company chose Multi Rendering as the brand name for its marchitecture, to be introduced next year. We are unsure whether ATI will stick with this name, but we know that ATI still hasn't told most of its partners about it. Some of the VIP people even outside of ATI knew all along about this project, and ATI certainly told the investor community about its plans.

It had to, since Nvidia was very noisy about its SLI technology and investors were raising many questions about ATI's next step. You also have to bear in mind that Nvidia SLI is working and performing and is soon to be shipped. ATI may change the name in the second quarter of 2005, butfor now this is the name that it is using to tell the people that it wants to tell.

News source: The Inquirer

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