AT&T hints at future mobile data sharing plans

While you can share your wireless minutes with others on some phone carriers sharing data is something that's a fairly new concept. Verizon has already talked about putting in such a plan and now its biggest rival, AT&T, has been talking about the same thing. reports that at the D9 Conference today, AT&T's Ralph de la Vega seems to hint that such a data sharing plan is pretty much a done deal. de la Vega states, " ... once you have so many devices that you carry, you may want a shared plan." He added, "The more focus groups we do, the more we think that may be the way. We're working on it. It will be soon."

He also talked about other subjects including the current race for getting 4G speeds. It's big rival Verizon has already launched its LTE network and continued to expand while AT&T's LTE network has yet to launch. However de la Vega claims, "I think you will see us be very competitive with LTE." He also dodged a question about what the next iPhone from Apple will look like but did say that the company "has put a lot of processes in place to keep that info secret."

When famed blogger Jason Calacanis asked de la Vega to give him a discount on his "lousy" AT&T service, the response from the executive was somewhat apologetic, saying, "If a customer calls us and there’s a history of problems, our reps are authorized to provide a discount."

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