AT&T leaked document bashes the Palm Pre

A leaked document, supposedly from AT&T's internal network, has been making its rounds around the internet. The document compares the features of the Palm Pre and Apple's iPhone in such a way, that it would seem the Pre couldn't hold a candle to the vastly popular iPhone.

Image courtesy of precentral

The Palm Pre has generated an enormous amount of hype, and AT&T must be finally taking notice of it. The result? Some really drastic measures. AT&T has been circulating the document (above picture) amongst its employees in a possible attempt to lure customers away from the Pre. It shows a biased comparison between the features of both handsets, which leans heavily towards the iPhone.

Some debatable 'shortcomings' of the Pre include:

  • Limited choice of colours for the handset
  • "Unproven" App Store
  • The UI is "not intuitive"
  • Limited free Wi-Fi access because the Pre is unable to take advantage of the free access point at Starbucks

The document also points at some very valid flaws in the Pre, such as the fact that it is not a world phone. However, there has been some speculation that a GSM version of the Pre would be released to carriers worldwide.

However, it does beg the question. How can one make such radical arguments against a product that has not even been released? You be the judge.

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