AT&T releases iPhone app to help report network failures

Apple's iPhone has seen some pretty impressive success, when compared to some different phone manufacturers, but there's one thing which is universally agreed: AT&T's network isn't quite up to the challenge. To help, they've unleashed an iPhone app, so users can report network failures.

The release was reported by Boy Genius Report, noting that the application, named 'Mark the Spot', works by taking the geolocation of a user and tying it with their report. You can choose to report a dropped call, a failed call, no coverage, data failure, or just poor voice quality. You can also select how often the failure happens, be it only once or every single time. As Boy Genius Report also points out, it would be great if every carrier could offer something like this, as it's a pretty simple yet smart way of tackling the problem. It's easy to see where the problems are located thanks to the geolocation, and just what needs to be fixed.

U.S. iPhone users certainly wouldn't be doing any wrong by using this app, so you can find it on the App Store.

(Image courtesy of Boy Genius Report)

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