AT&T to start shared data plans August 23rd

In July, AT&T announced that it would offer its customers its own version of a shared data plan, a few weeks after Verizon launched its shared data effort, called Share Everything. Today, AT&T announced that its Mobile Share plans will be made available for new and current subscribers beginning on Thursday August 23rd.

AT&T has also launched a new webpage that includes a tool which allows its customers to estimate how much data they use and then pick the plan that they feel most represent how much data they will use every month.

As we have reported before, AT&T's Mobile share plans begin with a price of $40 a month for one GB of data, plus $45 for each smartphone on the data plan. If a customer adds in a tablet device to the plan, the price will increase the price by $10 a month. Adding a laptop or mobile hotspot will add another $20 a month.

The upper limit on AT&T's Mobile Share plan is 20 GB a month for $200, which is double the amount of data that Verizon allows with its Share Everything plan.

While AT&T and Verizon will now have shared data plans, Sprint remains the only one of the  three major wireless carriers in the US to offer a truly unlimited data plan for its customers, although without a sharing option.

Source: AT&T website | Image via AT&T

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