AT&T to Verizon, "there's a lawsuit for that"

AT&T is now suing Verizon Wireless over their recent commercial about their "spotty" 3G coverage. The commercial takes a jab at AT&T and Apples iPhone in the commercial, changing the popular iPhone catch phrase, "theres an app for that" to "theres a map for that", pointing out AT&Ts 3G coverage.

AT&Ts lawsuit against Verizon Wireless claims the latest advertising campaign falsely suggests AT&T customers have coverage gaps. AT&T thinks that Verizon is trying to fool consumers into thinking they can not use their mobile phone outside of AT&Ts 3G coverage area, while the map does not show AT&Ts massive 2G coverage.

Near the end of the 30 second commercial, viewers can see a side-by-side comparison image that compares only the 3G coverage, instead of including AT&Ts cellular service. Verizon has already modified their commercial, removing the phrase "out of touch" and adding in "Voice and data services available outside of 3G areas." AT&T is now trying to have the commercial stopped.

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