Australian Daylight Savings Changes for Microsoft Products

The Commonwealth Games are scheduled to be held during March 2006 in Melbourne Australia. Several Australian states including New South Wales, Victoria, Australian Capital Territory, South Australia and Tasmania, have changed the Daylight Savings transition end dates to the first Sunday of April 2006.

Daylight savings end for 2005/2006

For the Year 2006 only, the published Daylight Savings end transition dates (as at 14th September, 2005) for each of the states of Australia are:

Victoria 27/03/2006 To 2/4/2006

ACT 27/03/2006 To 2/4/2006

NSW 27/03/2006 To 2/4/2006

Tasmania 27/03/2006 To 2/4/2006

South Australia 27/03/2006 To 2/4/2006

Note: Clocks are advanced at 2am by 1 hour on start day to become Summer Time.

Clocks are wound back at 3am by 1 hour at end day to become Standard Time.

The change to Daylight Savings will affect the transition settings for the following time zone rules:

(GMT + 10:00) Canberra, Melbourne, Sydney

(GMT + 10:00) Hobart

(GMT+09:30) Adelaide

Currently supported versions of products shipped by Microsoft have Daylight Savings transition dates that do not cater for the abovementioned change. These products include:

Microsoft Windows ME

Microsoft Windows 2000

Microsoft Windows Server 2003

Microsoft Windows XP

Microsoft Windows CE / Mobile

Microsoft Exchange server 2000

Microsoft Exchange Server 2003

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