Australian Government expands broadband network proposal

The current Labor run Australian Government has announced that it is expanding the proposed NBN (National Broadband Network) by a further 300,000 homes and businesses, in hope of winning next months August 21st election.

The opposition, Tony Abbot, is against this project, as his party predicts it will cost as much as $80 billion as opposed to $43 billion the current government is saying it will cost. He states that he will scrap the project if he is put in power at the election.

"We all want to see better broadband, more affordable broadband," Liberal spokesperson Tony Smith told Australian Broadcasting Corp. radio. "But we make no apology for not matching Labor's monumentally reckless spending in this regard."

Australia as a whole, trails behind many of the industrialized nations in terms of accessibility, and cost of broadband. The size of the country and vastness of the space, contributes to the cost and speed issues.

The proposed plan, originally covered 90% of the population, but it now has been increased to 93%. Current Prime Minister Julia Gillard, campaigned in Perth, turning the Internet plan into a proper campaigning platform.

"The choice today couldn't be clearer: I will build the National Broadband Network. (The opposition) will not," Gillard said.

The plan is said to create 25,000 jobs and facilitate modern education that would ensure the competitive nature between Australia and other nations.

"I simply don't understand why (the opposition) thinks it's a wise idea for children in this nation to get an education not of the same standard as children in Singapore," Gillard said. "To make sure our children get a world-class education, they need access to world-class technology."

A trial of the network is currently underway for three lucky towns in Tasmania, and the process may take up to 8 years to be in full effect. This may be a determining factor for voters come August 21st, when they enter the voting booths.

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