AutoStreamer 1.0.33 Released

AutoStreamer is a easy and quick slipstreamer for Windows Operating Systems. All that's needed for AutoStreamer to work is a source (that being an original Windows CD or a local share) and a Service Pack file.

Changes from version 1.0.32:

  • Check for operating system

  • Check for missing files

  • Added readme file

    Supported Operating Systems:

    - Windows 2000 (All versions)

    - Windows XP (All versions)

    - Windows 2003 (All versions)

    Supported Service Pack files:

    - Windows 2000: SP3 onwards (meaning you can't select a SP1/SP2 file as a service pack)

    - Windows XP: Any

    - Windows 2003: Any

    Download: AutoStreamer 1.0.33

    View: Official AutoStreamer Thread

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